About Us

logoKaren Berger referred by many in cigar circles as the "Cigar Queen" due to her vast experience in the cigar industry. Karen a native of Estelí, Nicaragua one of the most important cigar growing and manufacturing regions of the world served as her training ground. As a very young woman she began  learning all facets  of the premium cigar industry, from the cultivation, fermentation, selection to the rolling of the cigar.

She developed the passion and knowledge to produce a quality and consistent cigar that turns out to be a work of art. Her love for the leaf and destiny provided the foundation of her succes. When in April of 1998 she married Don KiKi Berger, a legendary figure in the cigar industry.

Together they create a family and built an enterprise that honors the legacy of Don KiKi. The legacy continues... as Karen has taken the helm of the family business with the vision and mission to bring to market the best cigars and smoking experience that her clients demand.

Estelí Cigar Factory S.A and the Don KiKi brands are a vertical cigar operation wich has the capabilities of bringing a quality product from our hands to yours.

With a long tradition in the cigar industry dating back to early 90's with the opening of  World Cigar and Estelí Cigar Factory S.A wich is blessed with rich soil and the perfect climate for growing tobacco. The master cigar rollers (torcedores), have been trained by Cuba's finest master roller, Don KiKi Berger.